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WYSIWYG Heresy Event: Dark Sentry

August 3


“The Sea of Fire Campaign rages in the void between Beta-Garmon II and Beta-Garmon III. The tallies of dead beyond
count. Into this warzone the anomalous and ill-omened rogue celestial body known as the Dark Sentry appears once
again. A Traitor fleet concealed within its shadow. The warriors of the Aurelian Muster enter the warzone hoping to
land upon Beta-Garmon III. In their path lies a Loyalist force. Delayed at the Pydonian Shipyards, fate sees them
arrive at this pivotal moment. The fighting ultimately sprawls onto the surface of the Dark Sentry itself. A world
whose physical properties seem to shift at a moments notice.”

The Event
This one-day event will consist of 2, multiplayer games. Each game will have 2 teams of 3, pitching Loyalists against
the Traitors.
Please note:
Being our first event of this type, timings are presented as guidelines only. There will be provision for possibly
playing a second large multiplayer game if time allows. There will also be a smaller 2000pt scenario prepared, in case
time, or player’s circumstances, don’t allow for a second apocalypse game, but some players wish to play on for
As a narrative event, players are asked to focus on bringing a fun list for both themselves and their opponents. List
restrictions for the event are minimum, Primarchs and Lords of War are encouraged for this Apocalypse Event.
Likewise, Troop units, and units with Line, are highly encouraged, as the missions will be objective based.

List Submission
Lists to be submitted by Friday the 26 th of July for list vetting and any feedback. Please feel free to submit your lists
sooner though.
Players are to attend with a 3000-point force which must be traitor or loyalist, as per the ticket purchased.
Please also prepare a 2000-point list ready for if time remains for a small game to be played, but not enough for a
second multiplayer apocalypse game.
As a narrative event, players are asked to focus on bringing a fun list for both themselves and their opponents.
Please avoid tailoring your lists to be too “competitive”.
Army list submission and questions are to be sent to Marc at WYSIWYG.Events@Outlook.com or on the Just Play
Horus Heresy Whatsapp Group.

Event Army List Restrictions
The following restrictions are in place for this event:
 DREADNOUGHTS: MAXIMUM OF 5 TOTAL IN YOUR LIST. (Increased for Apocalypse).
 Titans and Primarchs ARE ALLOWED in this event. (History may record the Primarchs as being at different
locations during this time. However, the fog of war is dense, and sources are unreliable).
 Knights ARE allowed. Including as a Primary Detachment. With the following restrictions.
o Your army my not include more Armiger Warglaives than Armiger Helverins.
o Acastus Knight Porphyrions are restricted to 0-1 per army list.
 Legio Custodes ARE ONLY allowed at this event as an allied detachment. A maximum points spend of 1500
points on Legio Custodes units is in place. (The 10,000 were otherwise engaged in the Webway).
 Unique Characters ARE allowed.
 Rules from all Horus Heresy 2 nd Edition GW publications, published up until the week before the event, will
be valid.
 Shattered Legions can be brought to the event, but you must declare each units Major/Minor Benefits and
Flaws at the start of the event and recorded on your army list. They are then locked in for the event and do
not change as the result of Mutable Tactics. (Some tokens/markers may help you and your opponents.)
o Units with Artificer Armour as standard are allowed.

Painting and Modelling
As this edition of Horus Heresy has been out for nearly 2 years, we understand that players may be branching out to
2 nd , 3 rd , even 4 th armies! Or that you may have a few units sitting in the wings that you haven’t had the chance to use
in anger yet.
So, for this event painting standards are lowered to:
 50% of your unit count must be fully painted (minimum 3 colours, detail painted, and bases textured and
fully coloured).
 The remaining 50% of your unit count must be at least undercoated in the correct/obvious colour for the
legion/force they represent.
 Bases also to be at least fully undercoated and presented tidily. (No undercoating over spray!)
 Models are to be fully built.

Approximate Event Schedule
10:00 Doors open, registration.
10:30 Mission Briefings and Games Begin.
12:30 Lunch Break.
13:00 Second Half Begins.
14.00 Game progress will be looked at and decision made if we can start a second Apocalypse game.
15:00 Final Decision will be made if Apocalypse game to be called to allow for a second, smaller game.
18.30: Event Ends, Narrative Epilogue, Presentation.

Army list submission and questions are to be sent to Marc at WYSIWYG.Events@Outlook.com or on the Just Play
Horus Heresy Whatsapp Group.


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August 3
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